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Gold $2,303.65 $(15.91) -0.69% Silver $28.99 $(0.61) -2.06% Platinum $955.36 $(3.27) -0.34% Palladium $894.08 $(8.94) -0.99%

Zaner Daily Precious Metals Commentary

Zaner Daily Precious Metals Commentary

With the dollar forging a 3-day low early today the gold trade looks to have a modest cushion against the prospects of selling from official confirmation of a US rate hike later today.

At times yesterday, gold and silver prices diverged, with gold remaining consistently in favor in a possible sign of the entrenched flight to quality interest from both economic and political uncertainty.

In fact, news that Iran has seized an oil tanker in the Straits of Hormuz adds an additional measure of political uncertainty to the gold trade today...[MORE]

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