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Gold $2,372.61 $(12.94) -0.54% Silver $28.12 $(0.73) -2.53% Platinum $964.56 $(7.41) -0.76% Palladium $1,028.78 $(2.61) -0.25%

Zaner Daily Precious Metals Commentary

Zaner Daily Precious Metals Commentary

While early action today in gold and silver could produce a narrow trade, the bear camp is somewhat emboldened by comments from a former vice chair of the Fed who predicted further rate hikes this cycle.

The bear camp should also be emboldened by 6 straight outflows from gold and silver ETF holdings. In fact, silver ETF holdings flipped from a net inflow for the year to a net outflow for the year with net sales reaching 3.08 million ounces.

In a minimally supportive demand development (more psychological than physical) Chinese gold reserves at the end of May were 67.27 million ounces compared to 66.76 million ounces at the end of April...[MORE]

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